We’ve succeeded in creating the ocean.

Some things that could only be done in the ocean, can now be done on land.
We offer heartwarming and unique technologies that are friendly to both the ocean and people.


What does that mean?

QUABIT has succeeded in reproducing the water purification function of the seafloor, using our two patented technologies.


Not only is ocean water clean, but it does not age (oxidize), because the strata of the seafloor can to reset the oxidation of the water.


QUABIT has succeeded in reproducing the function of the seafloor through two patented technologies. With these technologies, it's possible to create a small sea anywhere on land, where the water doesn't get old semi-permanently.


"Proof of Technology"

We've proven the reproducibility of our patented technology in various ways.

Demonstration experiment by a university

We've verified that the technology does not oxidize water by verification at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.


Long-term operation experiments conducted in-house

Long-term operation experiments are conducted in-house and by partner companies.


Proof of Patent Registration

We can prove that QUABIT's technology has been granted a patent.

Certification documents can be disclosed.

Please contact us for the disclosure of the certification documents.

What kind of future can be realized with this technology?

For example...


Building-type land-based
aquaculture farms

Utilization of dead space such
as underground space is also possible.



Biotope for water systems
where the ecology has collapsed

Helping to modify the environment in a way
that is not unreasonable.



Breeding ornamental fish without
the need for water changes

NO NEED to change the water
in the tank semi-permanently.


QUABIT is supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Various new information will be uploaded here.





Company Profile and Inquiries

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our technology.


 Company overview

Company name


Amount of capital

20,525,000 yen

Executive Composition



Date of Establishment

January 15, 2018

Company Location

Zip code  332-0012

813, 2-5-15 Honcho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama, Japan

Phone number



Development of water purification systems using biotechnology

Manufacture and sale of water purification products for ornamental fish

Provision of technology in water purification and aquaculture